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So we spent the night in Heatherfield. Eli wore out pretty quick, what with all the running around waving his sword and demanding candy from people we passed on the street. Maybe he should just be a highway robber next year...

We did have a good time though, Eli got lots of candy and a new cloak that Hay Lin had made him. It went really well with his costume. Will asked how that 'barrier spell thing' had been coming along, and I impressed them with the whole dragon could see Jalen trying not to cringe. Ha ha.

Gran and I had, this morning. About stuff I'd been too scared to tell her. And everything's okay. I'm still kinda upset/jumpy though, so we might not be heading back until tonight. Plus I couldn't get the damn portal to open more than a foot when I tried after lunch, anyway.
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Happy Halloween!

I'm taking Eli to Heatherfield tonight come hell, high water, or lack of Gummi ship. He's gonna be dressed up as his father~ Little tunic, leggings, and wooden sword. The adorableness is staggering.

Song, wanna bring Larkin along? My grandparents would love to meet you two.

And no, the only 'costume' I could talk Jalen into this year is the one where he pretends to be my Knight. Oh, wait.

Aria, have I told you enough times yet that I'm glad you're okay? No? Have it again. With a hug. And one for Seph. And Pancake. And-

Whoops, somebody got jam all over himself again. Sometimes I think Jalen lets Eli do this on purpose...
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Is Aria's old room in Rainbow's End still available?
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Any ideas on how to break Aria's impersonation of Sleeping Beauty without our Shadows interfering? 'Cause I'm sure you and I can do it as long as they don't try and screw things up, but the bracelets seem to be weakening. Or at least mine is. No, I haven't mentioned it to Jale. Yet.


Oct. 10th, 2012 10:58 pm
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[There's a crackle and hiss of static, then Amy speaks, sounding anxious.]

Seph, tell me that you've found Aria by now? Please? 'Cause I'm about ten seconds away from just opening a portal and-

No you're not.

Yes I am. I can't just sit here and- Hey!

[More static, and a thump as if the laptop's been moved and possibly dropped a small distance onto something wooden.]

This post has now been hijacked by Amy's long-suffering husband, who regrets to inform you that she won't be going anywhere.


You were arguing against it yourself, remember?

[Amy mutters something the microphone doesn't quite catch, and the sound turns off.]
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I wonder how many of the Refugees still check on this community now and then, even though they don't post anymore.
I mean, of course a lot of our gang has split up. That's what happens, apparently, when the more universally dire threats are out of the way. Still, this group was the foundation for our lives after Earthfall.
We may not need a support community anymore, but I'm surprised we've become so distant (aside from the physical distance, which is kind of unavoidable).
I guess some of it is my own fault. It's been ages since I chatted with Ryune, and I could instigate that anytime.

You know who I really miss, though?
You'd never guess it.


Greta really had a way of reminding us that even though half our universe is Final Fantasy, the other half is still Disney.
And let's face it, that half is a lot more reassuring when things go dark.
Amidst all of us, her wonderings and reassurances always stood out.
I dunno. Maybe it just felt like that to me because we disagreed on nearly everything. I do love a good argument.
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[Jalen adjusts the laptop on the dresser before moving to sit on the edge of the bed facing it, and sighs. He runs a hand back through his hair and speaks.]

Amy and I-

[But that's as far as he gets before the bedroom door opens and his wife sweeps in.]


[Jalen turns and gives her a confused look.]


Out. I need alone time.

Right now? But-

[He seems about to gesture to the laptop, but Amy cuts him off by moving over to him and grabbing an arm to try and pull him up.]

Yes. Out.

[Jalen snorts and lets her pull him up.]

Where's Eli?

With Song. She's telling him a story about pirate dragons, or something. I didn't stick around to listen. C'mon, out. You can come back in a couple minutes.

Thank you so much for your permission.

[There's only a little sarcasm there, but Amy ignores it and literally pushes Jalen across the room and out the door, shutting it after him. She leans against it for a moment before reaching into her pocket and pulling out Awiergan's illusion pendant. She eyes it for a second before closing her fingers around it. There's a slight ripple in the air, and then instead of Amy by the door, it's Ray. She goes over and inspects herself in the mirror on the wall before snickering.]

Good grief...wait. Thanks for not telling me it changes the voice too, you brat.

[Amy makes a face at herself before the illusion of Ray fades to be replaced with Song, then Maleficent. The air ripples again as Amy changes back to herself. She glances down at the pendant in her hand and hums a bit before tucking it back into her pocket. ]

Now if only I could not get myself into trouble using that.

[There's a knock at the door followed by Jalen's voice.]

If you're going to be long, will you at least shut off my laptop?

[Amy freezes, then slowly turns to look at it before smacking herself in the forehead.]

Oh for-


...Yeah, I got it. [She goes over and shuts the lid.]
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And we're back to the nightmares.
'Cause that's exactly what I need.

Maybe she's just bored, locked away in my head as she is.
Although I can hardly imagine anyone being bored in my mind...
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Y'know what's kind of hysterically funny? Dreaming that I'm facing off against Sephiroth, my magic doesn't work, and yet I still manage to beat the daylights outta him with a wooden sword. Of course I ran like hell after he went down, because yeah. Ended up hiding in my surrogate-grandma's garage (The whole dream took place on the street where my grandpa lived when I was a kid), and eventually got caught...only it was Seph who found me crouched behind a broken washer and was pretty confused as to what I was doing. I didn't really have an answer for him. ^^;;

Just thought I'd amuse everyone~
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I wonder if Dream Eaters really exist, and if they do, why I've never run into one.
I suppose they only show up in the dreams of worlds, not the dreams of individuals.

... I wonder if I could get into a sleeping world.
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So here's what I think - and I'm getting pissy vibes from Medrau just for thinking it, but they don't actually feel threatening, which is new...

I think we should just keep going as we're going, and keep an eye out for any more information on this First Darkness issue, or the legitimacy of Medrau's plan. She did imply that it would be a while before he regained enough strength to mess with us again. Since some of us already have our heads in books, we might just note anything describing a process similar to what Meddie has in mind.

I'll talk to some people here in Radiant Garden. I know a few researchers whose instructor has a reputation for being wise.

I'll bring Larkin along. I'm sure I can gain some sympathy by playing the 'young mother in need' card.

And I wasn't going to say it, but she knows I'm thinking it anyway, so do keep looking for a way to fix Medrau and Awiergan. They have become very tiresome.

In the meantime, I'm gonna learn Whirlwind.


Aug. 14th, 2012 02:27 am
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I really need to take a break from this research. Everything is just blurring together and I can't tell what's useful and what's garbage at the moment.

Just gonna go spend some time with Seph. Not too long then I'll try to help some more. Not that I'm even sure whether I've been helpful.

[locked to Mabry]

Sorry. I got distracted by something else I found while trying to help. I haven't heard from Seph in a couple days and I need to go see him. For... reasons. I may not be able to really help for a while. I don't know yet.
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One of these days when I am not half-possessed by my own Darkness, I'll have to fly down to Earth and pick up that Dream Drop Distance game.

Until then...

I interrogated Medrau again. She was very forthcoming, even while she tried her best to give me a panic attack.

Heartless should not be allowed to think and connive like humans. It's just a bad, bad mix.

But ask away. Hopefully I got everything we'd want to know about her universal suicide plan. If not, she'll probably oblige me if I have to go back. I'm fairly sure she knows that being so cooperative only serves to freak me the fuck out.
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Wandering around an abandoned Traverse Town calling for Ray and Song while Shadows trail me every step of the way does not make for a fun dream. Thankfully it turned into some weird little thing with multi-colored Dream Hares having tea in a field full of wildflowers.

I can't remember if my dreams were this odd when I was pregnant with Eli. Probably.
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So I'm getting we're gonna go with the 'Ignore Medrau and enjoy ourselves until the First Darkness eats us twenty years from now' option? Not that I think we should take her up on her idea of a 'battle plan', but more of you have gotta have an opinion than just Mabry, Song, Jalen, Seph and me. If you have one, you oughta at least voice it.

Otherwise one of us might do something stupid.
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[Eli beams at the screen, then frowns, like he's trying to be serious. Amy giggles from off-screen.]

Go ahead, Ladybug.

[The little boy glances back at her for a second before addressing the laptop.]

Meddie says, um. First bad guy? Gotta spank 'im.

[There's a sudden gasp of laughter from Amy, before she crawls into view and scoops her son into her arms. Eli looks up, smiling again.]


Yep. [Amy snickers a little, then clears her throat in an attempt to be serious.]

Sorry, we needed a way to- never mind. Anyway, the dream dive Song did with Jalen and Seph? Didn't go as planned. Medrau said we should summon the First Darkness for a preemptive strike. She wants to help, apparently.

[She rolls her eyes to show what she thinks of that.]

Any questions should be directed at Song, since, you know, this is her lunatic. That and I wasn't there.

[This last part is said with a scowl that keeps threatening to turn into a smile. Someone's getting over her annoyance. Amy reaches out and shuts off the video.]
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So... I've been thinking. for various reasons...

It might be a good idea for someone else to learn the dream spell and... once I'm not busy I'm thinking maybe I'd like to give it a try.

Been kind of considering it for a long time but, decided to try being unique instead... and... bubbles... yeah.

So... How about it?

I will try to resist the urge to try to make dream bubbles.
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I feel considerably more grounded today.

I am also completely fed up with this.

Who would like to accompany me on a dream dive?

You know, just to ensure that I don't tear up my own mind.

((Edit: have a log.))
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It's like a sleepover, but with an undercurrent of Doom.

Yeah, I've had too much sugar over the last day or so.

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Diapers, tea, and Darkness.

This is what my day consists of.

And singing.

Don't mind the singing.

I'm teaching myself some new lullabies.


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